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Briefmarken 1951

Katalog Michel nach 226

Jordan 1951 (6 Sept.) King Talal commemoration of Accession to the Throne UNISSUED VALUES (due to the King´s ill health) 3m. carmine and black and 20m. violet and black, damaged as almost invariably the case for the ver ... mehr/more

Briefmarken 1951
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EUR 1.500

Briefmarken 1923

Katalog Stanley Gibbons (SG) 79 da

Jordan, 1923, 5/10pi on 9pi ocher perforated 15x14, overprinted in violet and further surcharged in violet, used with violet cancel, very fine. THIS VERY RARE STAMP IS UNLISTED IN SCOTT AND MICHEL AND ONLY EXIST IN USED ... mehr/more

Briefmarken 1923
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EUR 1.200