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Briefe 1901

NICARAGUA INCOMING MAIL: AUSTRIAN LEVANT 20 para on 10 heller, postal card with paid reply (attached in unused condition), cancelled "CONSTANTINOPEL III OESTERREICHISCHE POST 22.9.01" send to MANAGUA/NICARAGUA, with Cor ... mehr/more

Briefe 1901
EUR 200

Briefe 1853

Katalog Michel Scott 11 pair

USA 3c pair : left stamp with double transfer line through "Three cents" and rosettes double (92L1L) .This stamp has 4 margins (VF) cancelled "NEW YORK SHIP OCT" on cover send from California via Nicaragua with boxed "V ... mehr/more

Briefe 1853
EUR 950
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Briefe 1863

Katalog Scott 2

Nicaragua, 1863 (26 Junio) cover from Rivas to Grenada franked with 1862 5c black with small red crayon cancel. Very fine. Scott 2 ONLY FOUR FIRST ISSUE COVERS ARE KNOWN, THIS ONE IS THE EARLIEST RECORDED USAGE OF ... mehr/more

Briefe 1863
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Briefmarken 1862

Nicaragua, 1862-1877, the Luis Alemany exhibition collection of the postmarks used on the 3 first issues, more than 390 stamps classified according to their cancellations, including all the rare numerals, used multiple o ... mehr/more

Briefmarken 1862
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