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Frankreich (FRANCE) - Briefmarken 1917

Katalog Yvert 148/155

France, 1917-19, "Orphelins de la guerre" set, each stamp tied by superb "VERSAILLES CONGRES DE LA PAIX 7.5.19" cancel on clean envelope (without address). The stamp are all in extremely fine and fresh condition (only the 50c shows a perforation flaw, this stamp is not counted in the catalogue value). A very difficult set to find in this exceptionnal quality. Certificate Pascal Scheller. Yvert 148-155 = 2690 EUR (for a set without the 50c in standart quality !), Frankreich Kriegswaisen Michel 128-135; Scott B3-B10 War Orphans.

Briefmarken 1917
EUR 1300

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