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Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Sizilien 1860

Katalog Sassone 5, 13c

Sicily, 1859, 1 grana "verde oliva chiaro", plate 3, printed on Palermo paper and 20 grana "ardesia scuro" on folded letter from "MESSINA 29.5.1860" to Pireo, Greece (manuscript "10" lepta due for local postage). A fine and very rare destination.

Gatto & Natoli mention in their book "1859-1860, Storia Postale dei francobolli di Sicilia", only 15 covers going to Greece of which only 3 show this combination.
The cover was send during the siege of Messina by the troups of Garibaldi, this period is priced in the Vaccari catalogue in the chapter: "Sicilia Risorgimento; dittatura del generale Giuseppe Garibaldi e annessione al regno di Sardegna 11 maggio - 17 dicembre 1860", the 20 grana is estimated there at net price 8500 EUR.

Sassone 5, 13c. Enzo Diena certificate.

(Greece /Griechenland incoming mail)

Sizilien 1860

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