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Bulgarien - Briefmarken 1882

Katalog Michel 15 F

Bulgaria, 1882, 5 Stotinki ERROR OF COLOUR IN ROSE INSTEAD OF GREEN, outstanding mint example with very lightly hinged original gum, rich luxuriant colour and ideal perforation. This superb stamp belongs to the finest examples known of this rarity.
Michel 15 F, Yvert 15a, Scott 13a
Certificate Dragomir Zagorsky and signed by Herbert Bloch (New York)

Note: Reportedly the only known sheet of this error was discovered in Sofia in 1886 by an irate postal patron who returned it demanding a refund, having received 5 st instead of 10 st stamps. The postal clerk began to sell them to collectors & it soon came to the attention of dealer Anton P. Karapiroff who acquired most of the errors & started distributing them to collectors. The offered stamp includes a postal card dated 1886 to Karapiroff from a prospective buyer.

Provenance: ex Ferrari de la Renotière (Paris, 10. sale 18.6.1924 lot 26, sold for 3500 francs, the same price as for a mint Basel Dove which catalogues today 12.000 EUR) bought there by the famous french dealer Theodore Champion.
-Mercury stamp auctions, New York, 26.9.1959 lot 746
-Köhler Auktionen oct. 1959 (sold at the time for the equivalent of 2000 CHF)
-84.Corinphila Auktionen oct. 1992 lot 2324
-David Feldman auctions nov. 1997 lot 32141 "fresh and extremely fine" offered for about 2250 EUR incl. the auction fees.

Literature: described in ArGe Bulgarien, Rundbrief #1 (6.2000) "Eine Betrachtung über die Michelnummer 15 F von Bulgarien" by Dr. sc. Georgi Popov

Der berühmte Bulgarien Farbfehldruck in rosa anstatt von grün, ganz besonders in dieser Luxus-Qualität eine der seltensten Briefmarken von Bulgarien.

Bulgarie 1882, l´erreur de couleur en rose au lieu de vert, superbe examplaire de qualité exceptionnelle d´un des timbres les plus rare de Bulgarie. Yvert 15a

Briefmarken 1882

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