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USA - Hawaii 1852

Katalog Scott 4

Hawaii, 1852, 13 Cents blue on pelure paper "Missionary", "H.I. & U.S. Postage", Type I, gigantic margins at top and bottom, full margin at right and a large part of the frame line showing at left, strong color and impression, slight "kiss" print at top left, bold seven bar cancel, tiny invisible internal tear, very small thin in left margin and only there small part (about 2 mm) of frame line painted in, these truly minute faults are of no importance for a Hawaii Missionary. IN THIS EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION BY FAR ONE OF THE FINEST KNOWN EXAMPLES OF THIS WORLD RARITY; 1995 PF certificate (not mentioning any faults) and a 2009 PF certificate; ex-Wilcox, Honolulu Advertiser and Twigg-Smith.

Hawaii 1852

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