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Französische Kolonien (COLONIES FRANCAISES) - Marokko 1914

Katalog Yvert 56

French Morocco, 1914, "+5" Red Cross surcharge of Oujda on 10 centimos/10centimes, Mouchon type, mint with lightly hinged original gum, very fresh and extremely fine. A choice example of this rare stamp issued during the first world war to help the french Red Cross. Yvert 56, Dallay 48 = 1900 EUR (2007), Scott B3. Signed by the experts Calves, Roumet, and Pascal Scheller certificate.

Maroc francais, surcharge Croix Rouge d´Oujda. Superbe

Französisch Marokko, mit seltenen Oujda Rot Kreuz Aufdruck in kabinet Erhaltung.

Marokko 1914

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