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Französische Kolonien (COLONIES FRANCAISES) - Guadeloupe 1904

Katalog Yvert 54b

GUADELOUPE, 1904, Groupe type. 40c on 1 f green with black overprint "1903" (Yvert type v), MINT NEVER HINGED ORIGINAL GUM, fine and very fresh. This rare combination of overprints comes only on position 12 (1 stamp in the "C" setting of 50). Only very few are known in mint never hinged condition. Yvert 54b, Maury-Dallay 52 IC = 1700 EUR (2009) for hinged, (estimate for ** condition = 3400 EUR)
Certificate Pascal Scheller.

Note: the overprint shows in each corner bees and is certainly one of the rarest stamps of this thematic.

(Topical insects, bee // thematique abeilles, insectes // thematik Bienen, Insekten)

Guadeloupe 1904

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