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Grossbritannien (G.B) - Briefe 1907

Great Britain, BALLOON POST carried by the "MAMMOTH" balloon of the "DAILY GRAPHIC" Expedition from London, Chrystal Palace (12.10.1907) to Tösse, Sweden (13.10), cancelled on arrival "TÖSSE 14.10.1907" and send back to London with 2 d postage due. Fine with certificate Sieger AIEP. Boesman Ballonpost Katalog # 7e; British Air Mails 1784-1946, N.C. Baldwin # 20
Bolaffi Forum catalogue # 1 = 2000 EUR (see reference)

AMERICAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE: "Although many thousands of cards were prepared and dropped, flown cards are today very scarce".

(Ballonpost Grossbritannien nach Schweden; Pionier Flugpost // Poste aérienne par ballon de Grande Bretagne vers la Suéde)

Briefe 1907

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