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Spanien - Briefmarken 1854

Katalog Edifil 34 Aitb

Spain, 1854, 1 real pale blue on Thick Bluish Paper with the spectacular VARIETY "BROKEN TOP RIGHT CORNER AND DAMAGED (18)54", extremely fine with wide margins and light cancellation. THE FINEST OF THE TWO KNOWN COPIES OF THIS MAJOR RARITY OF SPAIN.
Edifil 34 Aitb = 23100 EUR. Ex. coll. Cruz (sold at David Feldman March1984 lot 10865 for about 28.000 CHF including the fees)

Certificate Comex and certificate Graus: "solo se conocen dos pieza de LUJO por su color itenso, amplios márgenes, mattasellos limpio y buen estado de conservacion"

Briefmarken 1854

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