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Russland - Finnland 1822

Finland (Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire), red "ABO" prephilatelic handstamp, SUPERB strike on extremely fine folded military letter (22 may 1822) to Björneborg. In red colour a very rare postmark used during an outbreak of plague. In this exceptional quality probably the finest of the very few covers known. NORMA cat. 2500 EUR.

Described in the handbook of "The Early Postmarks of Finland": "A red Abo disinfected mail cancellation is known from the year 1822 of which only a few examples have come to light. The cancels so far located were with one exception only used on inland mail, ... Known dates are from April to October. The red Abo disinfected mail strike is unique in Finnish postal history. When the plague threatend, the Turku Post Master started to use the red warning cancel which had earlier been used elsewhere in Europe." Rated in the handbook as "RR=extremely rare (only a few copies known)"

(Finnland, Russland Kaiserreich, Postgeschichte, Vorphila, desinfizierte Post, Pest // Russia Empire, prephilately)

Finnland 1822

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