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Spanien - Briefmarken 1855

Katalog Edifil 42 ec

STAMPS: Spain, 1855, 2 REALES BLUE (INSTEAD OF VIOLET) ERROR OF COLOUR in pair with normal 1 real blue (due to a cliché of the 2 reales added by mistake to the 1 real plate on position 127).
Extremely fine with large margins all around and neat cancellation. A very rare pair of selected quality.
Certificate Peter Holcombe. Scott 38b, Michel 34 F, Edifil 42 ec = 4150 EUR (2005).

BRIEFMARKEN: Spanien 1855, FEHLDRUCK: Michel 34 F, tadellos Kabinettstück dieser Rarität besonders im Paar mit der normalen Marke.

Espagne, timbres postes, ERREUR EN PAIRE AVEC NORMAL, Yvert 37b, superbe, RR !

Briefmarken 1855

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