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Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Toskana 1853

Katalog Sassone 4 (2), 5

TUSCANY, 1851-1852 issue, 1 crazia carmine (2) and 2 crazie blue, fine with wide to slightly touched margins, cancelled by bars and oval commercial marking "VALENTINO FACIOLI LIVORNO" (for security reasons against thief) on folded letter from "LIVORNO 7 MAG 1853" to Sarzana per Aulla / Modena (c.d.s "Massa Carrara" on reverse). Very fine and spectacular with the security marking completly on the stamp. Sassone 4 (2), 5 = 1650 EUR+.

(Toscane, Toskana, Toscana, Tuscany)

Toskana 1853

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