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Vietnam / Französisch Indochina - Briefe 1951

Katalog Michel 2a

North Vietnam, Viet Minh issue of 1948, 2 dong brown "Ho Chi Minh" cancelled by "3.4.51" c.d.s with manuscript date and also tied by red censor marking "IV5" with a second strike alongside on home made envelope (a little reduced at right) send to Bien Phu ?. A very fine and extremely rare cover of the Indo-China war 1946-1954. Michel 2a, Scott 1L62. Certificate Pascal Scheller.

Beginning in 1946, the Communist Viet Minh fought the french in a guerilla war that ended with the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954.

(Guerre d´Indochine, lettre de la poste Vietminh clandestine // Nord Vietnam, Vietminh post)


Briefe 1951

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