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Golf States - Ras al-Khaima 1968

RAS AL KHAIMA, 1968, 50 Dirham "Marielle Goitschel; winter Olympic champions, Grenoble 1968" with UNRECORDED "5 DHS and arabic" SURCHARGE, on piece of commercial mail cancelled "RAS AL KHAIMA 29.11.68". An extremely rare stamp, not catalogued in Michel, Stanley Gibbons, Scott or Yvert. A GREAT RARITY OF THIS COUNTRY AND ONE OF THE RAREST STAMPS OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOPICAL, in very fine condition.
The basic stamp without surcharge is Michel # 253

(Jeux Olympique d´hiver, ski, Olympische Winterspiele, Skilaufen, skiing, sport)

Ras al-Khaima 1968
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