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Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Lombardei-Venetien 1854

Katalog Sassone 2

LOMBARDY-VENETIA, 1854, postal fiscal (marche da bollo usate per posta), 10c with value printed in typography, tied by "ISOLA DELLA SCALA 6 GEN" handstamp to piece, in very fine condition, with only a small tone spot at top. This rare stamp is recorded in the Helmuth Avi handbook (p.273) and priced at 9000 EUR, Sassone # 2 on piece = 8000 EUR. Signed by the experts A.Diena, Mondolfo and Asinelli Torino.

(Lombardo-Veneto, Lombardei Venetien Stempelmarke postalisch verwendet, revenue stamp, revenues, fiscals, Lombardie-Venetie Fiscaux-Postaux)

Lombardei-Venetien 1854

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