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Dominikanische Republik - Briefmarken 1866

Katalog Scott 10 a

Dominican Republic, 1866-67 1 Real black on pale green Wove Paper, VARIETY DOUBLE PRINT OF THE INSCRIPTIONS: "CORREOS/UN REAL", cancelled by "FRANCO" in oval. The stamp has wide to full margins and is defective in the bottom right corner. Signed by the expert Julius Schlesinger (Berlin 1859-1920). This extremely rare variety is grossly undercatalogued in Scott as probably only 4-5 examples are known: one in the Hennan collection (lot 795 repaired), Ferrari: 1 copy mentioned in the Kohl Handbuch, missing in the Thomen collection and missing in the Harmers N.Y may 2006 sale. A GREAT RARITY OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

Briefmarken 1866
EUR 1200

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