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Belgien - Briefe 1849

Katalog Michel 1

FIRST DAY COVER Belgium first issue 10c, fine with 3 margins, tied by "45" numeral (applied in transit in Gand) and departure c.d.s "Thielt 1 juil 1849" alongside, on cover to Brugge (with arrival Brugge 2 juil 1849). Only 17 FDC of Belgiums first issue are recorded, eight with the nr. 1, and this one being the only FDC with the stamp cancelled in transit, the post office of departure was not aware on the first day it had to cancel the stamps!
A unique rarity of Belgium.

The 20c FDC´S of the Meyer collection have sold for 20-30.000 EUR.

(Belgique, premier jour, Epaulettes)

Briefe 1849

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