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USA - Briefe 1859

Katalog Scott 26

USA 1857-61 3c type II very fine with straight edge at left tied by "ROME N.Y APR 2 1859" c.d.s to "MONS. CARLINCOURT, AERONAUT" balloon envelope (parts of reverse flap restored) addressed to "Carlincourt Aeronaut/Utica" :the pseudonym for Professor C. Lowe who started his career as a professional aeronaut with a flight at Ottawa, Canada in 1858. Subsequent ascents were made mainly in the Northeast of the USA. From the fall of 1859 to 1860 he made on board of the "Great Western" balloon several aborted atemps for a first Transatlantic Airmail to England. A very early and rare airmail cover.(Ballon monté, poste aérienne, ballonpost)

Briefe 1859

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