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Französische Kolonien (COLONIES FRANCAISES) - Französisch Guyana 1907

Katalog Yvert 48

FRENCH GUIANA 2f Groupe type (very fine), 30c gold washer (pair) and 1F palm grove canceled "CAYENNE GUYANE 30 NOV 07" send Chargé on lid of a small wooden box (usually used by the gold washers of the Maroni river to send nugets). The 2 f used at the correct rate is OF ALL COLONIES THE RAREST VALUE OF THE GROUPE ISSUE, according to Edward Grabowski´s article in the "Collectors Club Philatelist" may 2005: only one unphilatelic cover for all colonies is recorded (from Dahomey), this usage from Guyane being UNIQUE !

Französisch Guyana 1907
EUR 2500

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