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Ägypten (EGYPT) - Briefmarken 1872

EGYPT 1872 so called "Penasson printing" four colour franking on piece: 5 pa. brown perf. 13,5; 10 pa. mauve perf. 12,5x13,5 block of four; 20 pa. blue typographed perf. 12,5x13,5 WATERMARK INVERTED; 2 1/2 pi. violet perf. 12,5x13,5 all canceled by "POSTE EGIZIANE CAIRO 14 MAR" c.d.s. Two stamps of the bloc of four have perforation flaws otherwise very fine and an extremely rare franking combination that seems not to exist on cover. Stanley Gibbons#28a, 29, 30w, 33

Briefmarken 1872

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