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Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Neapel 1859

Katalog Sassone 7

NAPLES, 1858 issue, 2 grana plate III, three examples (two with slightly touched margins) canceled "ANNULATO" and "PARTENZA DI NAPOLI 31 DIC 1859" on "ASSICURATA" cover send to "le général de Riedmatten commandant les troupes de sa Majesté Sicilienne à Nocera".On the reverse large seal of the Austrian consulate in Napoli. De Rietmatten was a famous Swiss general who took part at the siege of Gaeta under the order of the king of Sicily. A very fine and interresting Risorgimento cover. (see also scan of the reverse). Sassone 7


Neapel 1859

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