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Malaysia / Straits Settlements - Straits Settlements 1881

Katalog Stanley Gibbons (SG) 38

Straits Settlements, 1881 january 21, cover to Fareham/Hampshire England franked by Straits 1880 10 on 30c type K (in fine condition) tied by "BUTTERWORTH PAID JA 21" c.d.s in blue. Envelope a little worn but one of ONLY TWO KNOWN COVERS WITH THIS FRANKING AND THE ONLY ONE WITH THE FIRST BUTTERWORTH PAID DATESTAMP. Ex Taylor and ex Stanley Gibbons Singapore sale: 18 august 1990 lot 583 were it sold for 20 000 SGD =11500 EURO (including the auction fees). SG #38 off cover = 850 GBP and on cover 8500 GBP.

Straits Settlements  1881

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