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Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Toskana 1854

Katalog Sassone 7 f, 8

TUSCANY, first issue 1851-1852, 6 crazie and 9 crazie on cover front from "FIRENZE 10 MAG.1854" send to Humacoa / PUERTO RICO, via Bordeaux at the 15 crazie ship letter rate (9 cr. to France +6 cr. ship letter).At arrival "3 1/2" reales postage due and "S.TOMAS" (rare origin handstamp for mail from Danish West Indies applied by error) overstruck by "FRANCIA" h/s (used on mail from France, unrecorded in Tizon !). A very rare and early cover from Toscana to Puerto Rico, probably unique.

(Toscane, Toskana, Toscana, Tuscany)

Toskana 1854

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