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Frankreich (FRANCE) - Briefe 1869

Katalog Yvert 32

France folded letter send to Mexico franked with 80c (mild horizontal crease) cancelled "2145" + cds "LYON LES TERREAUX 13 MARS 69" underpaid because of double rate, handstamp "AFFRANCHISSEMENT/ INSUFFISANT" and "RETOUR A L´ENVOYEUR/ 2145" returned to sender and franked with further 80c to pay the deficiency with new cds "LYON 14 MARS 69" and the postage due handstamps cancelled by the 2145 pmk. At arrival 4 reales inland postage due, on the reverse french shipmail cds "ligne b 2 / 16 mars 69 ". Signed Calves. A very unusual cover.

Briefe 1869

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