Briefe 1872

Ägypten (EGYPT) - Briefe 1872

Katalog Stanley Gibbons (SG) 12 ba

Egypt, 1872 9 january. Complete issue of the "La Trombetta" newspaper franked by 1867, 10 pa dull lilac, bisected for 5 pa newspaper rate, tied by Alexandria cds. The bisect is on piece, cut and rejoined to the original newspaper like all known examples. These bisects were only used for the mailing of the "Trombetta" between the 15 dec 1871 and the 20 jan. 1872. 10 newspapers are recorded, five are fronts (or big fragments) and ONLY FIVE COMPLETE NEWSPAPERS ARE KNOWN. A rarity in very fine condition that is catalogued in Stanley Gibbons at 750 GBP on piece and 6000 GBP on cover (X 8 factor). SG 12 ba.

Ägypten, Michel 9 halbiert (Mi. unbewertet) auf vollständiger "La Trombetta " Zeitung. Eine grosse Ägypten Rarität von der nur 5 vollständige Zeitungen bekannt sind.

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