Briefmarken 1865
Certificate: Brian Moorhouse
Scan of the other example known (Elia collection)

Ecuador - Briefmarken 1865

Ecuador, 1865, lithographed essays, probably designed by Emilia Rivadeneira for the medio Real first issue stamp, two wounderful examples of different colour and design, in very fine and extremely fresh condition.

These great rarities of the first issue were missing in the Bustamante collection and in the catalogue published by the Banco central del Ecuador. Only one other example in blue is recorded in the R.A D´ Elia collection (described as probably unique).

Brian Moorhouse certificate: "Ex Bernard Peyton. The entire Peyton collection less one volume, which amongst other things contained the above two items, was donated to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington circa 1960 period."

EUR 5.000

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