Modena 1853
Certificate Helmut Avi SBPV
Certificate Enzo Diena
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Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Modena 1853

Katalog Sassone 2b

Modena 1853: Segnatasse per giornali 9 centesimi violetto grigio, "B.G." piccolo, con completa DOPPIA STAMPA, nuovo senza gomma, ben marginato e perfetto. SONO NOTI SOLO 4 ESEMPLARI DI QUESTA RARA VARIETA, DI CUI SOLO DUE PERFETTI. Sassone 2b. Certificati Enzo Diena (1983) e Avi (2011)

Modena Newspaper Tax Stamp, Scott PR2 with VARIETY DOUBLE IMPRESSION.
Only two examples in perfect condition are known.
One of the very few stamps of the Italian States which is undercatalogued in Sassone ! A normal Sassone catalogue value for this extremely rare variety should be 30-60.000 EUR (but it seems they have forgotten a 0...)
The organizers of the exhibition "1852 Modena 2002 / 150 Anniversario dei Francobolli Estensi" were not able to locate an example of this variety (see the exceptional catalogue of the exhibition)

EUR 5.800

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