Briefe 1854
Fotoattest Dr. Ulrich Ferchenbauer VÖB
Fotoattest Fritz Puschmann VÖB
Reference: Houser collection
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Montenegro - Briefe 1854

Katalog ANK 5x

1854, EARLIEST RECORDED COVER FROM MONTENEGRO WITH A POSTAGE STAMP: Austria 1850, 9 Kreuzer blue, wide margins all around with horizontal filling fold, tied by pen cancel and "ANTIVARI 18.4" cds alongside on large parts of folded cover (mainly missing the vertical flaps) send to Venezia. The Post Office of the Austrian Llyod in Antivari (Montenegro) opened in 1854 but did not sell postage stamps until 1863/64. The franking of this cover was probably imported by a traveler and accepted as valid by the Antivari Post Office (no postage due charged), from Austria´s First Issue only one stamp on small piece and this UNIQUE COVER are recorded used in Antivari and they represent the earliest usages of a stamp in Montenegro. MUSEUMS PIECE.

Certificates Ferchenbauer (2000) and Puschmann (2007).

For a similar case but from Bulgaria see the sale of the Houser collection (Christies June 1992 lot 1151 which sold for 40.000 CHF): Pair of 1850, 9 Kr cancelled by Rustchuk cds on cover to Pest. This cover was described as: "the only known use of Austria first issue for Bulgaria and a remarkable premature usage of Austrian stamps to prepay postage during the time when payment in cash was obligatory at most Post Offices in the Levant. Irrefutably one of the most significant and noteworthy covers for Bulgaria.

(Österreich, österreichische Post in der Levante, Brief, Briefe, Postgeschichte / Austrian Post in the Levant, postal history)

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