Briefe 1919
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USA - Briefe 1919

1919, R-34 BRITISH AIRSHIP / ZEPPELIN, VERY RARE COVER OF THE RETURN FLIGHT FROM THE USA TO GREAT BRITAIN: "LONDON R 34 / 13 JY 19" cds cancelling at arrival the USA 2c red franking on tired envelope send to Dundee, Scotland.
Ex Harmers London auctions march 1963 (lot 776).

Also Inclosed is a very interesting letter (August 13. 1924) writen by the sender explaining the cover:

"Dear Sir Your letter addressed to my wife has been forwarded to us here. As I was the writer of the R34 letter I shall give you its history. The letter was written inNew York on Thursday afternoon July 12 1919, the same day that the airship was due to leave Mineola Long Island, at night. The fact that a Statler Hotel, Buffalo envelope was used was merely an accident. As the time was short and I was anxious to have the letter mailed by the R34, I sent it under cover addressed to Mayor Scott (Commanding the R34) by express and he was good enough to accept it as mail,receiving it just in time for the departure. It was stamped I understand in London or the Eastern Counties if mail was dropped there, and my wife at Dunde received it on Monday morming July 16th 1919. 1t was regarded as a curiosity only and my wife put the envelope away in a wallet somewhere, and was in the habit or showing it to friends from time to time. We later decided to sell it and put it in the hands or the Bond St firm Messrs (I just forget the name) for disposal. We regretted the bad condition of the envelope due to lack of knowledge of its value. I trust the above will satify all your curiousity about the envelope, but will be glad to answer any more questions you require.. Yours truly , R. Fraser Thomson home address:(after Aug 31st) 109 WarwickRoad Carlisle"

WIKIPEDIA: The R-34 left Britain on 2 July 1919 and arrived in Mineola, Long Island, United States on 6 July after a flight of 108 hours with virtually no fuel left. As the landing party had no experience of handling large rigid airships, Major EM Pritchard jumped by parachute and so became the first person to reach American soil by air from Europe. This was the first East-West crossing of the Atlantic and was done two weeks after the first non-stop Atlantic crossing by Alcock & Brown. The return journey to Pulham in Norfolk was from 10 to 13 July and took 75 hours.

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