Briefe 1855
Certificate BPA
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Grossbritannien (G.B) - Briefe 1855

Katalog Stanley Gibbons (SG) 59

CRIMEAN WAR - RARE BLUE "O*O" CANCELS ON "ARMY LETTER" WITH TWO 6d EMBOSSED STAMPS; Remarkable large part entire (side-flaps removed and short flap reduced) to Leeds endorsed "Army Letter" and "Via Marseilles" most unusually franked for the quadruple rate by two cut-to-shape G.B. 6d Embossed, both tied by mainly very fine rare BLUE "O*O" barred ovals matching the very fine blue "POST OFFICE/A/BRITISH ARMY JU 11 1855" double-arc c.d.s. on the reverse. The O*O cancel is rare in blue and Embossed Issue covers are rare front he Crimea. The part contents includes part of a graphic description of soldiers who had died of cholera while at sea (en route "from Balaklava to Stamboul") being thrown overboard, etc. Exceptional item.
A single 6d (SG Z 22) with this cancel off cover is priced in Stanley Gibbons at 1800 GBP = 3600 GBP for the two stamps off cover !
BPA certificate.

(Guerre de crimée)

EUR 2.800

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