Französische Post in Sansibar 1897
pascal Scheller certificate

Französische Kolonien (COLONIES FRANCAISES) - Französische Post in Sansibar 1897

Katalog Yvert 33j

French Post Office in Zanzibar 1897, 10c black Sage issue with type X surcharges (from position 23): 2 1/2 annas and 25 centimes on stamp already showing a 1 annas surcharge, extremely fine, mint with full original gum. THIS MAJOR RARITY OF THE FRENCH COLONIES (ONLY 18 PRINTED) IS UNIQUE IN UNUSED CONDITION. Pascal Scheller certificate (2012). Michel 18 (rare type), Scott 30 (rare type), Yvert 33j (unpriced), Dallay 21 X (unpriced in unused, estimate = 10000 EUR as the more common type V = 54 printed is catalogued at 5500 EUR)

EUR 7.000

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