Briefmarken 1910
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Kolumbien - Briefmarken 1910

Katalog Michel 227/234 etc

Colombia 1910, Centenary of Independence, COMPLETE SET of 10 values in blocks of four, including the registration stamps. Some low values with a few tone spots, ALL THE HIGH VALUES (20c to 10 pesetas and the registration stamps) ARE IN OUTSTANDING EXTREMELY FINE, MINT NEVER HINGED ORIGINAL GUM CONDITION. ONLY VERY FEW SETS IN BLOCS OF FOUR ARE KNOWN.
Scott 331-38, F22, H17;

Yvert 201-08, 58-59 = € 2440 for hinged condition (our estimate for mint never hinged = 4800 EUR, this catalogue values only includes the extremely fine mint never hinged stamps, the other values are not counted = included for free)

(Kolumbien seltene Briefmarken, rare postage stamps, philatelie, philately, estampillas (sellos) de Colombia, centenario de la independencia nacional)

EUR 1.200

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