Briefmarken 1854
Certificate Brian Moorhouse
Large Scan

Chile - Briefmarken 1854

Katalog Yvert 3 variety

Chile 1854, 5c Red Brown, Lithograph, "BIG SQUEEZE" TRANSFER FLAW. Galvez Type 2 (Blank 5/Vt 1/1), three full to large margins, touched at left, four-ring cancel does not obscure transfer flaw at bottom, in vertical pair with normal stamp at top. SG 8, Sc. 7, Yvert 3 var.

A SPECTACULAR EXAMPLE OF THIS RARE AND STRIKING LITHOGRAPHIC TRANSFER FLAW, IN WHICH ALMOST ALL OF THE WORD "CENTAVOS" IS MISSING AND THE STAMP IS NEARLY SQUARE. UNIQUE IN A MULTIPLE. Certificate Brian Moorhouse: "believed to be the only known example of this major lithographic transfer flaw in a multiple".
A single stamp with this transfer flaw sold in the "Islander" collection for 25.000 USD + fees (Siegel auctions 2008)

(Chili, philatelie, philately, postage stamps, Briefmarken)

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