Briefe 1866

USA - Briefe 1866

Katalog Scott U58

USA,1866, 3 c. postal stationery envelope sent as a totally unpaid letter to Switzerland under the 1857 U.S.-French Convention, cancelled by "NEW BRIGHTON/PA 1.DEC" datestamp and bull-eyes killer via New York with red "ETATS UNIS/SERV.BRIT.CALAIS" entry and boxed "F.30" exchange marking under the current Franco-Swiss Convention (letter rated for collection of "110" Rappen) to "Werkführer Bahnhof Sargans, Ct St. Gallen, Schweiz" on reverse various Swiss transit markings and arrival mark. An interesting transatlantic mail cover.

(Postal History, Postgeschichte)

EUR 300

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