Briefe 1865
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Österreich: Post in der Levante - Briefe 1865

Katalog Michel V 22

Lombardy-Venetia, 1864, 10 Soldi blue, perforated 9 1/2 , four very fine singles used in the Austrian Levant, tied by "JANINA 9.11" circular datestamp on disinfected mail envelope (1865) showing rare blue "CONSULAT DE FRANCE EN EPIRE" (Epirus) handstamp send to Herpy, Ardennes, France. The envelope shows two disinfection slits one touching two of the stamps. A very unusual cover of the austrian post offices in Greece.

Österreichische Post in der Levante: Janina (Griechenland), desinfizierte post nach Frankreich. Ferchenbauer Katalog: nur für die Frankatur = 2000 EUR.

EUR 800

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