Briefe 1865
Certificate: Brian Moorhouse
Large scan.
Large scan of reverse.

Ecuador - Briefe 1865

Katalog Michel 1

Ecuador, 1865-66, First issue, 1/2 real blue, fine impression of the first printing, a splendid copy in vivid colour from the upper right corner of the sheet, position 12, showing on two sides the complete marginal frame lines of the printing plate, used on 15 February 1865 judicial wrapper to Riobamba, cancelled ´´Alausí´´ in manuscript. A very desirable early usage exhibiting a very scarce cancellation, probably the FINEST KNOWN COVER OF THIS STAMP. Michel 1. Ex Funkhouser collection. Certificate Brian Moorhouse.

(The cover is complete, only our scan makes it look smaller, the picture of Brian Moorhouse certificate conforms to reality)

EUR 1.500

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