Briefmarken 1853
Certificate Brian Moorhouse

Chile - Briefmarken 1853

Katalog Michel 2 I

Chile, 1853, First London printing, 10 c. blue, three horizontally and one vertically bisected, tied by two target cancels with "P.CALDERA JUN 10 1854" cds alongside on piece. THIS UNIQUE QUADRUPLE HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL BISECT BELONGS TO THE MOST IMPRESSIVE BISECTED ITEMS OF CHILE. Signed by the expert Pascal Scheller (Paris) and Certificate Brian Morhouse (2010): "during the shortage of 5c stamps it was almost certainly the practice to bisect a quantity of 10c stamps in advance of their sale as 5c stamps at the post office. Subsequently, some multiple rates covers and pieces are known franked with two or more bisected stamps" Ex-Galvez and also part of an International Gold medal collection shown in Madrid in 2000. SFC 2; Scott 2c, 2 d, Yvert 2, Michel 2 I : "halbierte 10 centavos Marken sind sehr selten"

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