x Antioquia 1868
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Kolumbien - x Antioquia 1868

Katalog Scott 2

Antioquia (Colombian State), 1868, 5 c. green First Issue, die proof of the Oswald Schröder forgery. Extremely rare and very fine.
Robson Lowe describes this forgery in his study: "in the report given in the London Philatelist of the meeting held in 1894 the 5c greyish green and 10c lilac-grey were shown. Unfortunatly we only have single examples of the 2 1/2c. and 5c. on which to report."

Oswald Schröder had by 1891 produced 56 different very dangerous forgeries. After his forgeries became notorious, he fled Germany and lived for some years in Zurich, Switzerland, (see "Philatelic forgers. Their lives and works" by Varro E. Tyler)

(Oswald Schröder Fälschung)

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