Briefe 1874
Large scan
Large scan of reverse
Large scan of stamps

USA - Briefe 1874

Katalog Scott 138

USA, 1871, 7¢ vermilion, GRILLED, National Bank Note Company printing, horizontal strip of four, cork canceled on 1874 legal size, transatlantic registered cover to Fraubrunnen (Kanton Bern), Switzerland, matching "Pemberville, O., Aug 19, 1874" cds alongside, red "New York, Registered, Aug 22" cds and various Swiss transit and receiving postmarks on reverse. Very Fine, a scarce double rate registered usage (Closed Prussian Mail via England) and the largest known multiple of the 1870, 7¢ vermilion, grill on cover, ex Toaspern.
Scott No. 138 (2100 USD for the single stamps off cover !)

(The scans are a little reduced at left or right, the original cover is not reduced, it is complete)

Schweiz incoming mail, Ohio, transatlantik / transatlantic mail.

EUR 1.700

Kaufinteresse / buying interest

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