Briefmarken 1844
Certificate Philatelic Foundation
Certificate Holcombe

Brasilien - Briefmarken 1844

Katalog Scott 12

Brazil, 1844-46, Goat´s Eye issue, 300 reis black, extremely fine in brilliant shade with large margins all around, tied to piece by attractive full strike of "CORREIO GERAL DA CORTE" circular datestamp. The high values of the Inclinados issue are very difficult to find used on piece with a clear and complete cancellation, as such this single is a really outstanding example which belongs to the finest known. Certificates Philatelic Foundation and Peter Holcombe. Ex 51. Corinphila auction in Zürich (3.1966 lot 4106, the starting price was 2000 CHF !)
Scott 12, Michel 9 = 2500 EUR

Brésil, Yvert 9, superbe, un des plus beau exemplaire connu

Brasilien, sog. Inclinados, Ausnahmestück der Michel 9.

EUR 2.000

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