Briefe 1875
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Grossbritannien (G.B) - Briefe 1875

Katalog Stanley Gibbons (SG) 147

Great Britain to MONACO. 1875, 6d grey plate 14, cancelled by "D05 / CHISLEHURST DE.5.75" duplex (the town of Napoléon III exile) on Mourning envelope addressed to "Son Altesse Le Prince de Monaco" and redirected to "Chateau de Marchais, Aisne", France (this chateau is still owned by the Grimaldi family today). Various backstamps including Monaco 9 dec 75 and 10 dec 75. Very fine and extremely rare destination.

One of the more interesting historical facts that Chislehurst is noted for,
is its connections with Napoleon III and Empress Eugine, who were exiled
to Chislehurst, and made Camden Place their temporary residence. The
Emperor and Empress soon established a varied social life at Camden Place
and entertained much royalty and nobility there. The Emperor and Empress´
only child, Louis, Prince Imperial, was also residing in Chislehurst, although
he was stationed at the Royal Woolwich Military Academy as an officer
cadet in 1872.

In 1873, the Emperor, who had been ill for some time, died before Louis
was able to travel from the Military Academy to Chislehurst to see his
father for the last time. Being a man of great importance the Emperor´s
funeral was lavish, and the procession stretched from Camden Place across
the common to St Nicholas Church. The Emperor´s body was buried at St
Mary´s Catholic Church. It was a great tragedy that Louis Prince Imperial
was to lie beside his father some years later, after being killed in South
Africa at the Umbanzi River, after his party were ambushed by Zulu warriers.

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