Briefmarken 1867
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Bolivien - Briefmarken 1867

Katalog Scott 1

Bolivia Condor Issue, 1867, 5c Pale yellow green, original plate, second state, block of 15, positions 13-17/37-41, pen canceled for fiscal use with unobtrusive stroke on each stamp plus two strikes of small boxed "Cance/lado" handstamp in the block of positions 16-17/28-29, the pale yellow green shade was produced after the previous yellow green while still in the second state of the original plate, margins are large to immense nearly all around showing small portions of the adjacent stamps at right, small tone spot at right, very fine and an impressive block of this early printing in the yellow green shade. Ex Ortiz-Patino collection.

(Bolivia rare stamps & Postal History // Bolivien seltene Briefmarken & Postgeschichte // Bolivie timbres rare et histoire postale)

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