Kamerun 1915
Certificate Pascal Scheller
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Französische Kolonien (COLONIES FRANCAISES) - Kamerun 1915

Katalog Dallay 5 a variété

Cameroun occupation Anglaise, guerre 1914-1918, "C.E.F 2 1/2 d" DOUBLE SURCHARGE DONT UNE OFFICIELLEMENT EFFACÉE (albino), DEUX EXEMPLAIRES CONNUES, RRR. La double surcharge normale (tirage 10 exemplaires) est coté 1100 GBP dans le Stanley Gibbons, celle-ci SG B 5 ab est catalogué sans prix. Neuf, TB. Certificat Pascal Scheller, signé Behr.

CAMEROONS BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, 1915, surcharge " C.E.F 2 1/2 d" on 25 pfg stamp of German Kamerun, VARIETY DOUBLE OVERPRINT: THE FIRST IMPRESSION BEING PARTIALLY AND OFFICIALLY ERASED PRIOR TO PRINTING OF THE SECOND (both overprint are also very visible from reverse). Very fine mint with hinged original gum. ONE OF ONLY TWO RECORDED. A great rarity of the British Occupation stamps of the former German Colonies, 1914-1918 (Gibbs # 5 b), Stanley Gibbons B 5 ab "surcharge double, one albino" = unpriced.

The normal double surcharge (Gibbs # 5 a; Stanley Gibbons # B 5 a is priced at 11.000 GBP) and was issued in 10 examples.

Certificate Pascal Scheller, signed Behr.

(G.R.I, philately, postage stamps, Briefmarken, philatelie, Cameroun)

EUR 13.000

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