Sizilien 1861
Certificate Enzo Diena
Large scan of  stamps

Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Sizilien 1861

Katalog Sassone 14 Cl

SICILY: Sardinia, 1858, 10c "bruno olivastro", very fine with full to wide margins tied by fancy "ANNULLATO" cancel and "PIAZZA 28 SET 61" circle datestamp alongside on folded cover to Palermo (30 SET 61 arrival). A very beautifull and clean cover with a "ANNULLAMENTI SARDO-ITALIANI DI SICILIA IN EPOCA LUOGOTENENZIALE". Certificate Enzo Diena. Sassone: Sardegna 14Cl = 150 EUR + 675 EUR (P 8 for the postmark) = 825 EUR. (2010)

(Sardinien, Sizilien // Sardaigne, Sicile)

EUR 300

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