Briefe 1855
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Österreich: Post in der Levante - Briefe 1855

AUSTRIAN POST IN ROMANIA, "K.K.FELDPOSTAMT 3 s Ae Cs 10.12" (Austrian Field Post Office 3 rd Army Corps) c.d.s on folded letter from FOKSCHAN (1855) to the Rothschild´s in Paris, 22 decimes postage due, "T.A" (taxe autrichienne) handstamp, Herrmannstadt (15.12) transit and Paris (23.12.55) arrival. Tchilinghirian type 1 "RARE", and very fine. The 3 rd Army Post Office was a sedentary P.O between 1854 and 1857 when the F.P.O was replaced by the Consular Office.

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