Briefe 1860
Certificate Holcombe
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Chile - Briefe 1860

Katalog Scott 10 a

Chile, 1857 Santiago Prints, 10c Deep blue, WATERMARK ERROR "5" OR "S", diagonal bisect, extremely fine with large margins, tied by mute cancel on folded letter from Valparaiso (18.9.1860) to Santiago. THIS VERY RARE WATERMARK ERROR can either be a watermark "5" instead of "10" (unrecorded in all catalogues, would be unique), or a "S" from the marginal watermark "CORREOS", the expert Peter Holcombe made a certificate as Wmk "5", A VERY INTERESTING COVER POSSIBLY A GREAT RARITY.
S.G 23 group c, Yvert 6 d (e)

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