Romagna 1859
Certificate Roumet
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Italien: Italienische Staaten (ITALIAN STATES) - Romagna 1859

Katalog Sassone 6

ROMAGNA, 1859, 5 bajocchi black on grey violet, very fine with large margins, tied by grid and "BOLOGNA 2 OCT 59" c.d.s alongside to folded letter to Brescia/Lombardy with manuscript postage due ratings and on reverse Stradella, Milano (4.10.59) and Brescia (5.10) arrival.
The 5 bajocchi franking underpaid the 8 bajocchi rate for letters to Lombardy (at the former Pontificial rates, valid until october 9 th 1859), ONLY TWO SUCH UNDERPAID LETTERS ARE RECORDED according to the study of Mario Mentaschi in Vaccari magazine # 11. Sassone 6
Sassone = 5500 EUR for a normal letter

(Governo provvisorio delle Romagne, Risorgimento, Lombardei-Venetien incoming mail)

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