Briefe 1865

USA - Briefe 1865

Katalog Scott 65

USA 1861 3c (faults) cancelled in manuscript "SHARTLESVILLE PA/JUNE 27 1865" on envelope to Altona/Schleswig Holstein send "by Hamburg steamer". The cover was directed by error to Altoona USA (30.6 c.d.s on back), and then to Germany with Hamburg (23.7) c.d.s, and Altona (23.7) arrival, it was considered unpaid with black "N.YORK HAMB PKT 3/JUL 8" c.d.s , "6 1/2" (Sgr) handstamp and manuscript 10 schilling postage due in red. A VERY UNUSUAL TRANSATLANTIC MAIL COVER TO SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN.

The village of Shartlesville is located midway between Harrisburg and Allentown. Nestled among fertile farms, in the heart of “Pa. Dutch” area of Northern Berks County in eastern Pennsylvania along the Appalachain Trail Mountains, just minutes from lebanon.
Shartlesville is named after the Shartle family who in the year 1765 built the first building, the Shartle Log Cabin Inn.
The early settlers built homes around the inn, seeking protection from savage Indians whom after the French and Indian War still harassed them by burning their buildings and crops and by taking their children captive. Two area families were massacred by Indians; the Moyer family who lived 1 mile North in 1754 and the Hochstettler family 1 mile West in 1757.
Most of the early settlers were of German and Swiss decent. They were skilled carpenters and craftsmen. The town grew rapidly.
In 1830 a post office was established. By 1885, there were three inns, three blacksmith shops, a wheelwright shop, feed mill, milk creamery, two country stores as well as an undertaker shop, a church, and 2 one-room schoolhouses.
The population in 1885 was 225.

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