Briefe 1858
Certificate Jungjohann AIEP
Large scan of cover
Large scan of stamp

Russland - Briefe 1858

Katalog Michel 1

RUSSIA USED IN POLEN, 1857, 10 kopek imperforated, extremely fine with large margins all around, tied by "195" in rings, and "WARTA 14.5" c.d.s in red alongside (with date in manuscript) on very fine folded cover send to Warszawa (red 16.5, arrival c.d.s on reverse). A GREAT CANCELLATION RARITY ON RUSSIA # 1, UNIQUE ACCORDING TO THE BOJANOWICZ HANDBOOK.
Ex Fabergé, Mazepa (Large Gold medal collection) and Mehrtens.
Certificate Jungjohann AIEP and Pascal Scheller.

This cover was described in the Mazepa collection that was sold in 1995 as: "...good even margins, tied numeral "195" of Warta reused to defraud the post, on small cover to Warsaw, with red Warta 14.5 cds alongside & arrival bs, ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RUSSIA NO.1 COVERS USED IN POLAND, ONLY RECORDED EXAMPLE, ex Faberge."

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